Why Gyfter?

I’ve always sucked at gifting. I’ve never been able to successfully go an entire year without forgetting someone’s big day, or bailing myself out by getting my wife to do it, or trying to find a clever reason why I’m 3 weeks late sending my Mom a Christmas gift. I’ve always hated this aspect about me – I try to be a kind, caring person, but it is REALLY HARD to come off that way the 10th time you’ve shown up with an Applebees’ Gift Card (that the receipt says was purchased 15 minutes ago).

All my adult life, I’ve wished there was a good solution to this. Something designed to help me:
1) Know who I want to give gifts to
2) Manage the important days in our relationship
3) Help me remember the idea’s I’ve had for them, and what they told me they wanted, for various gifts.

This has gone on for years. Every 6 months or so, I would do some searches, trying to find something that could fill this hole. I was considering a Virtual Assistant, who would have this as their duties. I tried Todo managers, Calendars, purpose built apps, and paper-and-pen.

Nothing worked.

It dawned on me that those solutions were all missing the point. At it’s core, gifting is a fairly simple idea – you have someone you want to give a gift to, a day you want to give them the gift for, and a gift you want to get them. That’s it. You want to give the Right Person, the Right Gift, at the Right Time.

Enter Gyfter. The single best way to give the Right Person, the Right Gift, at the Right Time. It will help manage the gifting process for you, reminding you when you need to come up with an idea, that your mother really wanted the new Bon Jovi Live DVD, and that you need to order this week to make sure it is here in time for the 4th of July BBQ you are all going to. Best of all – it’s free, forever.

I’m luckily enough to work at a company that regularly spends time building and launching products that we wish existed. After sharing my idea with them, we discovered that I certainly wasn’t the only one with this issue.

We launch into Alpha in a few short weeks – sign up today to be a part of it, and never suck at gifting again!