Summer Gift Ideas

Here at Gyfter HQ, we’re constantly coming across gift ideas. Here, we have collected our favorite gifts to give this summer. Add these to your Gyfter, and be the life of any party – Gyfter works great for Hostess gifts as well!

Come back often! We will be updating this list regularly with our finds.

Outdoor Drink Holders: $20
These drink holders mean you don’t need to drag tables all over your yard. Stick them near your lawn games or firepit, and end knocked-over-bottle syndrome.

Inflatable Drink Holders – Swan: $20
Sure, the drink holders above work great on land, but what if you’re hosting or attending a pool party? These fun swans are the perfect way for you to sip while you float and soak in the sun.

“POOL” Shatterproof Cups: $3/ea
This first update of the Summer Gift Guide could have been called the “Beverage Logistics” update. These cups are whimsical, sturdy, and are perfect for stocking your pool with!

Insulated Water Bottle: $25+
Everyone should be drinking more water. Especially now, when it’s hotter out, and we’re all outside sweating more. An insulated water bottle will keep your water ice-cold for a whole day – plus, it’s the type of gift that the recipient will be thankful for often.

A New Fragrance: $Varies – Men and Women options
Summer is the perfect time to switch up a scent. It’s a time for brighter scent – now is the chance to set a new signature that’ll work from the beach to your office

Electric Wine Opener: $23
These may look like one of those classic “Unitaskers“, but believe us – they are one of the most used gadgets in several of our kitchens. No longer struggle getting the corkscrew started, or spraying wine everywhere when you pull the cork out.


Whats Next for Gyfter

Our current vision for is much bigger than what you see today. We wanted to outline where we are headed, both so you know when you can expect your most-wanted features, as well as so you can keep us accountable to what we’re building.

There are a few main items we are working on in the current phase:

  • Notifications: Letting you know when you need to do something, before it’s too late. This could be buying a gift, coming up with an idea, or sending it out. This will be one of the first items out of the gate.
  • Improvements to Collection: Right now, its a bit tricky to quickly save a new person, gift idea, or event. Shortly after Notifications, we’ll be launching the ability to easily and quickly save gift ideas (from anywhere!) into Gyfter, and then attach it to the Right Person.

We also want to know: What would you want added next? What would help make your gifting life easier? We’ve created a survey for you – embedded below – to share your thoughts with us directly. Or, feel free to reach out to ideas (at) if you want to start a dialogue.

Why Gifting can be Hard

Time for real talk. Gifting can be really hard for a huge number of people. Whether it is not having ideas, not remembering the date, or being bad at wrapping, there is often a major roadblock to getting it done.

Gyfter is here to help. We want to hear from you – where do you run into the wall? As we continue to grow and add features, we want to make sure that we are tackling your hardest gifting problems.


Father’s Day Gift Guides

Father’s day is fast approaching! With just 11 days left, it can be tough to find an idea, order it, and get it wrapped. We know you love your dad, and want to show him with more than a tie and a gift card.

First things first: Head over to Gyfter , sign up if you haven’t, and add your Dad and Father’s Day as the Right Person and the Right Time.

Then, check out some of our favorite Father’s Day guides – once you find something you like, add it to Gyfter, and make your purchase!

Gear Patrol’s Ultimate Father’s Day Gift Guide is our favorite roundup this year. With great categories, inspiring ideas, and something for every price point, you will be able to find the perfect gift here. If you prefer to give clothes, they also have outfit ideas !

If money is less of an object, Bloomberg has a roundup of more…extravagant gifts.

A few other guides we love:

Stuff’s price-based guide has some fun and new ideas, organized by price

The Wall Street Journal has a style-focused Father’s Day Guide

The Queen herself, Martha Stewart , also has a great set of gift ideas

What’s the best Father’s day gift you have given or gotten? Let us know in the comments!