Gyfter – Summer Updates

For the last several weeks, the team here at Gyfter has been hard at work on the first of 2 major upgrades the site is going through – internally, we’ve been calling it “Phase 1” and “Phase 2”. In this post, we’ll talk some more about Phase 1 – what it means for you, our beloved users, and what happened behind the scenes – as well as share some of our work on Phase 2.

Phase 1:

Phase 1 was all about cleaning up the core gifting flow – making it easier for you to quickly save a gift idea for someone, or quickly add a new person to gift to.

The biggest effect that you will see from this: A much closer focus on who you are gifting, and what you are getting them. Getting the gift at the Right Time is still important – for everyone in your Gyfter, you can easily set your important dates from their “Right Person” screen. It also means that you don’t need to always setup a date, and can be more nuanced in your saving.

We’re excited to launch Phase 1! It’s currently live on – try it out, and let us know what you think!

Phase 2:

Coming hot on the heels of Phase 1 is Phase 2, our own summer sequel! This release is entirely focused around making it easier to Add a Gift – something we see as core to the Gifting experience. When we’re out and about, the thing that gets us jazzed is having that perfect gift idea for someone – and Phase 2 of Gyfter makes that a fun and simple flow.

Once Phase 2 launches, simply go to Gyfter, and hit the new “Add a Gift” button – this will let you save that great idea you just walked past while window-shopping, without needing to stop and fill out the who and the when. Simply add that info in later (if you want), and Gyfter will help make sure you get that gift for the special someone you had in mind.

Phase 2 will also include an updated tutorial, some tweaks to the overall look-and-feel of the site, and some under-the-hood upgrades to help us continue to add features and functionality.

Phase 2 will launch in the next few weeks! Pay attention to this site, or @gyfter_io on Twitter, to follow along as we continue to build out Phase 2, and the rest of the Gyfter vision.

~Team Gyfter~