Whats Next for Gyfter

Our current vision for Gyfter.io is much bigger than what you see today. We wanted to outline where we are headed, both so you know when you can expect your most-wanted features, as well as so you can keep us accountable to what we’re building.

There are a few main items we are working on in the current phase:

  • Notifications: Letting you know when you need to do something, before it’s too late. This could be buying a gift, coming up with an idea, or sending it out. This will be one of the first items out of the gate.
  • Improvements to Collection: Right now, its a bit tricky to quickly save a new person, gift idea, or event. Shortly after Notifications, we’ll be launching the ability to easily and quickly save gift ideas (from anywhere!) into Gyfter, and then attach it to the Right Person.

We also want to know: What would you want added next? What would help make your gifting life easier? We’ve created a survey for you – embedded below – to share your thoughts with us directly. Or, feel free to reach out to ideas (at) gyfter.io if you want to start a dialogue.

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